Wednesday, April 13, 2005


From FierceWireless. I wonder how this is going to affect startups like 4INFO in the long run? Check out 4INFO. My friend likes their services since it saves money on his 411 charges. I saw a demo and it's okay.

Google today added Google Local business search to its mobile search services. Google Local uses data from yellow pages and addresses extracted from Google's search engine to fuel its results. Users enter two pieces of information: What and Where. What can be a category (e.g. restaurant, hair salon) and Where can be an address or a zip code. The service then returns several hits and a map showing the location of each business. The maps are similar to those provided by Google's new mapping service.

Mobile search has emerged as the next hot mobile app category. VCs are funneling money to mobile search startups while the giants of online search like Google continue to launch more products.

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