Tuesday, April 5, 2005


Interesting clip from FierceWireless. Microsoft seriously is a juggernaut that targets every successful market that has a low barrier of entry for its war machine. I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft crushes BlackBerry in five years.

Is the next version of Windows the BlackBerry killer?

The latest version of Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform has been dubbed a "BlackBerry killer" by insiders. The newest version of Microsoft's mobile OS, codenamed Magneto, is rumored to include a push email application that will give Pocket PCs and Smartphones easy access to mobile email. In addition to push email, Magneto sports a new user interface as well as support for high-resolution graphics, improved video support via Windows Media 10, better keyboard support, enhanced Word and Excel with charts, a mobile chat app called Pocket MSN, and support for WiFi in the Smartphone platform. According to the rumors, Microsoft will unveil Magnet next month at the Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference in Las Vegas.

Microsoft has shifted the focus of its mobile strategy away from trying to control the device platform towards bundling mobile email and ActiveSync on as many devices as possible. The company has been aggressively licensing ActiveSync and Exchange to rival mobile device makers in the last six months, including palmOne and Nokia.

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