Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Pretty cool. Technorati put out their beta Searchlet a little while ago, but I just placed it in my sidebar (underneath the poll). If you don't know what Technorati is, it the leading search engine for the blogosphere. You can enter a URL to see who links to that specific address within the blogosphere, or you can enter a word or phrase to see who in the blogosphere has posted on that topic most recently. Technorati can be addictive for bloggers in their early stages or even afterwards. Some bloggers call it "crack-norati."

Like other blog directories, aggregators, and search engines, they have a running Top 100 list which you can visit here.

Also if you sign up as a member and claim your blog, you can get some additional information. Such as where your blog ranks in the blogging universe the company tracks. So here are the blogs I write at to whatever degree:

Junto Boyz
Technorati Rank: 5,141

Coro Blog
Technorati Rank: 1,106,894

Technorati Rank: 1,106,894

So I have a decent ranking with Junto Boyz, but I believe the Coro Blog and BeefChickenPig, where I'm just playing around with the Friendster beta, are rock bottom since they are tied. Maybe Technorati just doesn't rank the lowest end blogs any lower than 1,106,894 since they claim to watch 8,281,658 blogs. Maybe I'll ask the Technorati people about this soon.

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