Tuesday, March 8, 2005


Rob Glaser is at it again. Still crying about Jobs shutting him out. He does bring up a point about the subscription model versus a per song charge. I lean towards favoring the long-term success of a subscription model, but I don't think it will be Real leading or ever succeeding on this front.

Glaser last year likened the iPod to a vestige of Soviet communism. At the iHollywood Forum Digital Living Room conference taking place in San Mateo, Calif., today, he called the Mac maker deceptive for not explicitly telling customers that iTunes songs can't be transferred easily to other devices.

"It doesn't say anywhere that you have to go through 57 different hoops to play a song on a different device," Glaser said.

He also added that Jobs, one day, will have to think in terms of subscriptions (like Real), rather than selling individual songs.

"The day that they introduce subscriptions is the day that Steve Jobs has the brilliant revelation that subscriptions are a good thing," Glaser said.
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