Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Interesting post and discussion at Beautiful Atrocities. It seems the problem might be more with the contractor than Dell, but let's see what happens.

30 Dell computer employees, Somalian Muslims, walked off the job after Dell refused to allow them 5 minutes a day for prayer, as required by their religion. Despite the typical wisdom from the Lucianne.com crowd ("Go back to Somolia [sic], half starve & pray all freakin' day"), this is probably a violation of EEOC, & doesn't seem unreasonable.

Turns out Martin at Blogbat used to work for Dell, & as he shows, such behavior is typical. Among Dell's more outrageous illegal business practices: violated federal law by allotting only 5 minutes per day for bathroom breaks, & requiring employees who need more time to present a doctor's excuse.
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