Friday, March 4, 2005


David Brock doesn't seem like a forthright man nor does his group, Media Matters for America (wow, ranked 62 on Technorati...5,450 links from 2,531 sources. i didn't know they were that widely read. of course i'm in the cave from the right side, so i really don't know that many far left sites). There is definitely a dark side (of the force) brewing in the Democratic Party after the loss of the 2004 election, and Soros is funding a chunk of it. The empire is being established now. Howard Dean is the emperor... Evan Bayh is young Anakin Skywalker... John Kerry is Count Dooku (dude, he even looks like Christopher Lee)... Rudy Giuliani is Qui-Gon Jinn... George H.W. Bush is Yoda... George Bush is Luke Skywalker... Okay, I'll stop. :)

Media Matters for America, the group headed by conservative turned liberal writer David Brock, has changed course on its stated association with billionaire liberal financier George Soros.

After initially claiming on Dec. 1, 2004 that "neither Media Matters nor its president and CEO David Brock has received any money from Soros or from any organization with which he is affiliated," the group is no longer disavowing any connection with groups "affiliated" with Soros.

The Media Matters shift came after Cybercast News Service questioned the group's financial ties and demonstrated that there were numerous and extensive links between Media Matters and several Soros "affiliates" like, the Center for American Progress and Soros ally Peter Lewis.
David Horowitz is familiar with the practice of changing one's political ideology, but in Horowitz' case, he was a 1960s radical who became a conservative author. Horowitz charged that Media Matters' original claim that it had taken no money from Soros or groups affiliated with Soros was "a lie."

"This is typical of Brock's operation," Horowitz told Cybercast News Service . "They split hairs to present an untruth."

Media Matters can no longer deny its Soros affiliation because "once you have the names (of donors), once you know that Peter Lewis is involved, you can't deny it," said Horowitz, who as a conservative, co-founded the Los Angeles-based Center for the Study of the Popular Culture and Front Page, a news and commentary website.

Horowitz said he is not surprised that Brock's group altered its statement after being questioned about donations. "[Brock is] a guy who turned on his friends. He was a sleazy gossip sort of writer when he was on the right, and he's a sleazy gossip writer on the left, and an unscrupulous one on both sides," Horowitz said. (full article)

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