Thursday, March 17, 2005


My weekly (well, almost every week) column is up now. Check it out!

Do You Know Chris Pirillo? You Should ...
That's because as web personality, tech evangelist, and the creator of a million-member strong online community, he knows a thing or two about life on the digital edge.

Chris Pirillo is something of a Renaissance man. He's also representative of a new breed of pioneer at the edge of the digital universe—a web personality, tech evangelist, and all-around geek, who through his energy, dedication, and passion for technology has become a prominent figure in the online world and a voice to be listened to on the topics of blogging and new mediums of information and community. In 1996, Mr. Pirillo started Lockergnome, a website and community that brings together people who are passionate about technology. In the intervening years, that community has grown to more than 1 million subscribers—an active and loyal following that translates into some hefty marketing power for Mr. Pirillo, who's also an author, an entrepreneur, a conference organizer, a columnist for Computer Power User and PC Today Magazine, and an advisor to various technology companies. (full article)

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