Monday, February 7, 2005

Oh, Yeah... Pats Win

Well, I didn't want New England to win for no strong reason. I was just tired of all the dynasty talk and comparisons between Tom Brady and Joe Montana. Get real. Brady isn't even close to Joe. For me and a lot of people was the amazing healing of Terrell Owens. It typically takes 3 months or more to heal (some saying six months) much less seven weeks ESPN's John Clayton writes, "Simply amazing."

Medical science might need to do a case study on Terrell Owens. He might have made the greatest recovery from an injury in 39 years of the Super Bowl.

Just seven weeks ago, Owens broke his leg and tore a critical ligament in his right ankle. He needed surgery and his surgeon wouldn't clear him to play against the Patriots. The medical world thought he was crazy. Owens fooled them all by playing 62 of 72 offensive snaps and catching nine passes for 122 yards.

It might have been the most courageous performance in Super Bowl history. To no one's surprise, T.O. was the first off the field and the first to the podium in the postgame interview room. Even though the Eagles were the losers, 24-21, in Super Bowl XXXIX, Owens was a big winner.

He did what was considered impossible.

"Nobody in this room knew I was going to play this game," Owens said to a swarm of reporters. "Nobody knew but me. Dr. [Mark] Myerson, I give him all the respect in the world. You guys believed what he said that I couldn't play. A lot of people in the world didn't believe I could play. It goes to show you. The power of prayer and the power of faith will take you all the way. Nothing is impossible if you got God on your side."

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