Monday, February 14, 2005


From Jonathan Schwartz's blog (President and Chief Operating Officer):

I just got the first summary download numbers for Solaris 10 since we shipped a week or so ago. One word, "wow.":


Total Number of Solaris 10 Licenses Downloaded Since First Commercial Ship:

SPARC: 151,039

x64/x86: 269,856

Total: 420,895


An early look suggests we're not going to have a problem with demand.

I was with a big ISP (internet service provider) prospect yesterday that said, "the only reason we left Solaris was to run x86 on low end boxes. Now that Solaris is there, we're going back." I asked how they liked the open source license we worked with the community to draft, and they said "we like the CDDL." We obviously do, too - and we'd like to see others in the industry adopt it (note: that's why it's an open license, not restricted to usage or control by Sun.) (full post)

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