Friday, February 11, 2005


Robert Scoble met with Mark Jen, the fired Google blogger:

I spent a lot of time tonight at the geek dinner talking with Mark Jen.

He was the guy fired by Google because of stuff he wrote on his blog.

It was clear he didn't understand what he was up against. He's very sorry for what he wrote. I believe he's learned what he did wrong. He won me over. I would hire him on my team in a heartbeat (if he'd agree to capitalize his sentences properly. Heh!)

Really what he -- and other bloggers who've been fired -- did wrong is have a mismatch in the image they were presenting to what the company wanted presented.

Anyway, I can certainly see why Mark was hired at both Microsoft and Google (two companies that have famously tough hiring standards). He's smart. Dedicated. Passionate.
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Also thanks, Robert, for the link to my article at AlwaysOn (right below)!

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