Friday, February 4, 2005


This is funny. Felt like I was watching a Snoop Doggy Dog video. Examples:

Search: Star Wars

Star Wars In Tha Dogg Pound: Welcome Ta Tha Official Site
... [ Highlights ]. Tha Art of Stiznar Wars in tha hood: R... Episode III Releaze Dates, ... Tha Art of Star Wars: Repu... Episode III Releaze Dates so jus' chill. Hang'n wit Ewoks from tha streets of tha L-B-C. ...

Stizzay Wars: Episode II | Episode II
... celebrizzle iii badges - collectizzles witta punch, tha art of star wars: repu... episode iii releaze dates fo my bling bling. ... daily star wars webstrips. all latest updates. ...

Check out Gizoogle.

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