Tuesday, February 8, 2005


Did any of you get an invite from hi5 or SMS.ac? Don't go there. I got a link from SMS.ac, a free SMS service, a few months back and I signed on. It asked me for access to my address book, so I plugged in my Hotmail account info. I thought this was to check who in my address book signed on to the service, but instead it spammed my address book listings with an invite to SMS.ac from me! Without warning, it accessed my emails addresses and sent out an invite, which is essentially spam in my eyes, without my consent. SMS.ac sucks! I was pissed.

So I get a few emails on hi5 from people over the past couple weeks, but it looked like a lame social network so I didn't bother. Eventually, I got around to it since I thought I should know least how they position themselves since I write about the space, but I encountered the same tactic as SMS.ac. This time I avoided it, but it just annoyed me that these companies are using such unethical means to pump up their numbers. AVOID HI5 and SMS.AC!

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