Monday, January 10, 2005


Over at Corante, a great tech group blog, Stowe Boyd responds to the coining of the term "slogging""

Bernard Moon coins the term "slogging" over at Reality Media: "This piece marks the debut of my column Reality Media, in which I cover the intersection of the blogosphere and social networking, a phenomenon I'll refer to from now on as slogging (or to social network and blog)." This is a term that I hope does not catch on.

I thought this was funny since I never desired to have "slogging" catch on and coined it (not sure if i'm the first) out of laziness for my column. I was tired of writing "social networking and blogging" or "blogs and social networks," so I decided to use "slogs" and "slogging."

Anyway, check out Corante if you have time, they have some solid columnists and pieces over there.

Some other links to my article:

"Weekend required reading" at Pegasus News., a blog for people who build news sites.

"Just when you thought you’d read everything there was to know about blogging vs traditional media…" at, who I interviewed for my piece.

"Reality Media" at John Furrier's blog, who's a frequent AlwaysOn-er.

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