Saturday, January 29, 2005


Even though I'm a Cubs fan, I never liked Sammy Sosa. It was especially during the days of his home run chase with Mark McGwire back in 1998 that I grew to dislike him. While most of Chicago embraced or fell in love with his seemingly likeable personality, I thought of him as insincere. Each time he said, "No, Mark is 'the man'..." I would roll my eyes. He wanted the home run crown, glory, and attention. He loved it. McGwire's contrasting style and humility highlighted for me Sammy's subtle but overwhelming arrogance and fake humility.

Finally, through years of wondering how many in Chicago and others around the nation bought his lemon, the veil as been lifted and his stay is no longer welcomed. ESPN has details of this trade:

Chicago Cubs outfielder Sammy Sosa will be traded to the Baltimore Orioles for infielder Jerry Hairston and at least two minor-leaguers, pending physicals and approval from commissioner Bud Selig and the players' association. An Orioles source told ESPN's Tim Kurkjian that the only way the trade will not happen is if someone fails a physical. (full article)

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