Sunday, January 23, 2005


Couldn't blog the past couple days since I was at Squaw Valley with my fiance. We enjoyed two beautiful days skiing with Lake Tahoe in the background. Drove back early this morning since she had to get some work done and had a flight to catch to Seattle.

As I arrived at the airport and headed to check in my baggage, a man yelled, "Excuse me. You sir. Excuse me... Yes, you!"

I walked towards a man behind a counter with a woman on the other side.

"Don't be scare. We're asking you to donate. We're raising money for children with HIV..."

Slightly annoyed by the whole approach, but I thought about it. So I replied, "Let me check in first and I'll think about it."

As I turned around, the man let's out a "ttuh" or "ttah" which sounded similar to noise coming out of some snotty Upper Eastside woman as she communicates with her friend's doorman.

I looked back and just walked toward the check-in counter. Afterwards, I walked past and just shook my head. He says to me,"Look, all you have to say is 'no'."

"What? You gave me that attitude and "ttah" after I said that I would consider after I check in. If you're asking people for money, you don't present such an attitude. Who are you doing this for? I was honestly condering, but of course you turned me off," I berated him and walked away.

Friggin annoy me. What a stupid man. This situation made me question why he was part of that fundraising drive and if it was legitimate at all. If you believe in the cause you're fundraising for, such as helping children with HIV, would your heart reflect such an attitude? Highly doubt it. He either was a paid solicitor or the whole thing was a scam, which is a possibility since the literature I looked at was done unprofessionally.

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