Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Good article by James Miller. Check it out:

Professor Cass Sunstein underestimates the Blogosphere when he argues in a recent Boston Review article that the Internet will further polarize America. Previously left- and right-of-center citizens were brought together at times through watching the same network newscasts and reading identical local papers. Now, however, we can all get our news from blogs reflecting our ideological biases. But although the Blogosphere can polarize, I believe that on net it will reduce political differences among Americans.

Few conservatives will have their views of homosexuality changed by anything they read in The New York Times or see on CBS news. The liberal biases of these two mainstream media giants are odious enough to conservatives that conservatives will filter out anything these organizations say about homosexuality. But conservative readers of the Blogosphere will inevitably come across Andrew Sullivan, a gay conservative who writes on issues of homosexuality in a manner that can appeal to conservative Christians. (full post)

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