Thursday, December 30, 2004


Decent post from The American Thinker.

Political operatives on both sides of the aisle are discussing the 2008 election as if it were only days away. But this seemingly premature preoccupation is hardly a dismissal of the important issues facing President Bush in his second term. Rather, this talk of the next presidential race is representative of the pivotal changes in the political landscape that occurred last November.

Unfortunately, the forces of “moderation” are still at work within the GOP, threatening to undermine the tremendous gains made by conservatives in the elections. Arnold Schwarzenegger contends that the Republican Party should move “to the center” (which means to the left) on social issues.

Voices from within the RNC contemplate running a social “moderate” as the best means of countering a potential Hillary candidacy. And political strategist Dick Morris warned against GOP senators playing hardball in response to Democrat filibusters of judicial nominees.

But although the Republican Party cannot afford to become arrogant and heavy handed in the wake of its recent victories, neither should it be fixated on gaining the approval of its political rivals, or the avoidance of controversy.

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