Friday, December 10, 2004


HatTip to Mingi again. Messed up situation in South Korea. A member of the ruling party stands accused of being associated with a North Korean spy group. Rep. Lee Chul-woo's defense was stated as doubtful by the presiding judge. Is President Roh really the president of South Korea or leader of a North Korean spy-ring and a wrench in the world's attempt to create peace on Korean peninsula?

A prosecutor said that the rulings on the spy case showed Rep. Lee had admitted to his involvement with the NLPF and conceded to having pledged his loyalty to the organization, but he claimed to have forgotten the exact details of the pledge. The prosecutor indicated that it would be unwise for the politician to backpedal now by further playing down his involvement.

Another prosecutor who helped investigate the case said that a mass of overwhelming evidence in the form of pistols, hand grenades and signs that North Korea had provided financial support to the tune of US$1 million (W1.07 billion) made it impossible to deny the allegations against the defendants.

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