Wednesday, December 8, 2004


Okay, first, I'm surprise my friend, Max, finally posted something. He's been busy over in Asia with various cross-border transactions, but what was that gibberish about? He went to Berkeley for his graduate work like the sociology professor below so that explains some of it.

Anyway, over at Daily Kos, the leading left-wing blog, they did an informal poll of its readers choice for the next DNC chair. The results have Howard Dean as their favorite:

Dean 3,466 (54.3%)
Rosenberg 1,066 (30.8%)
Ickes 154 (4.4%)
Webb 153 (4.4%)
Frost 134 (3.9%)
Fowler 41 (1.2%)
Hindery 37 (1.1%)

Dean? I hope someone was joking and rigged the results. Dean would tilt the party more left and fill it with more hate, and it would be a certain victory for Republicans in 2008. If this is a truthful reflection of Daily Kos readers, they aren't the "liberal elite" I was referring to. Sort of the "liberal lite" over there, or daresay "liberal dumb."

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