Monday, November 1, 2004


My friend, Doug, points out that Korean Internet portal,, has started providing RSS feeds of search results:

I mentioned yesterday that Naver News has started offering RSS feeds of search results. I've been playing around with this feature and I'm beginning to realize that this is a really great feature when combined with an RSS reader like Xpyder.

For example, if I'm a sales person and I need to monitor of one of clients (let's say Samsung Electronics), then I can go to Naver News and do a search on Samsung Electronics. When the results are displayed, I can copy the RSS URL of this search result and add it list of my RSS channels in Xpyder. Now, I don't need to go to Naver News again to do a search on Samsung Electronics. I can just go to Xpyder, and it will let me know if there is a new content related to Samsung. I can view the title of the content and if I'm interested, I can click on the link and the link will take me to Naver News, where I can see the entire content.

Combining Naver News RSS feeds with Xpyder will make it much easier for me to follow news of companies that I am interested in.

It would be really useful if Naver News RSS feeds shows little bit of the article instead of just showing the title of the article. It would be even better if it showed the entire content but I guess I would be asking too much from them.

Anyway, everyone should try this out.

I need to speak with Naver News team to see if I can have a better integration between Xpyder and Naver News.

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