Monday, November 15, 2004


Secretary Powell is stepping down along with three other cabinet members. Attorney General John Ashcroft already stepped down with White House counsel Alberto Gonzales chosen to succeed Ashcroft by President Bush. Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman, Education Secretary Rod Paige and Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham sent in their resignation letters around the same time as Powell.

Powell definitely made his mark in the public service and I hope he will be back in some form. It's too bad he didn't try walking down the avenue of running for President. He would have change the landscape of U.S. politics dramatically, especially if he won. Imagine a Black president of the United States of America. The fabric of the political party sytem would have been torn, and regardless of race I believe he would have been an excellent leader of the free world.

He was the first African American to be National Security Advisor and Secretary of State. Actually, President Bush's cabinet has some other significant firsts. Condoleezza Rice was the first woman to be National Security Advisor; Rod Paige was the first African American to hold the education post; Ann Veneman was the first woman to be Agriculture Secretary; and Alberto Gonzales could be the first Hispanic Attorney General if confirmed. Going back a decade, Republicans were the first to put women in leadership positions in Congress. Lot more action than talk from the right than from the left, especially with pretentious white men who pretend to be for minorities causes but really look down on them (ah um... John Kerry. Did you ever hear him refer to Blacks? Holy condescending, Batman).

Okay, cheapshot since Republicans are the party that Senator Jesse Helms dwelled in for decades and Senator Trent Lott still plays a role in. Hey, we're making up for those questionable characters now.

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