Tuesday, November 9, 2004


The company I am an advisor for, Innotive, displayed their technology this past election night on CBS Nightly News:

The TV networks may have played it safe when calling election results on Tuesday night, but many were on the cutting edge when it came to outfitting newscasters with high-tech gadgetry.

Among the most notable displays of electronic wizardry was on CBS Nightly News. Correspondent John Roberts seemed to mimic Tom Cruise in the movie "Minority Report," using his fingertips to control a 50-inch touch-screen monitor displaying maps of the country and various states. With a wave of his hand, Roberts magnified and dragged the maps around--each one spliced with detailed demographic, polling and election-returns data.
CBS's futuristic plasma monitor was particularly mesmerizing. It was the creation of three technology suppliers, which spent eight months designing and building the system for CBS News just for election night. Panasonic supplied the hardware, while a small South Korean company called Innotive designed the drag-and-zoom interface.
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When I use to do presentations and demos for Innotive, the "Minority Report" reference was stated often by people who saw the technology for the very first time. Here are some more articles at the NY Daily News and The Washington Post.

You can download a video clip of the actual presentation here.

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