Monday, July 21, 2003

Random Asian Shorts... And Putting a Face to One of the Big Guys

I received various emails on an Asian American video called "Fobman" that a group called New True Talent produced for this year's UCLA's Korean Culture Night. I assume this is a UCLA student group that does various short productions. I definitely give the kids credit on their effort, creativity, and production. The storyline was a little weak at the beginning, but the second half makes it an overall decent short.

I also wanted to help put a face and more information on my friend "Joe" that I've been writing about ever since I started blogging. I recently found out he has a website and blog (jumbo + body = joe). To help verify the truth of my stories and for continuity sake, I just wanted post parts of his own description from his website:

Mostly Useless Information about Me
My all time favorite pigout food: Yes
Restaurant: Any place that has the letters b-u-f-f-e-t after the name

Joe cracks me up. He also made this rap spoof video for his church last year. I heard it had more than 10,000 downloads within the first three weeks or so without really publicizing it. I couldn't find the link to the Sony site that had the best download method, but just try the link on his website. Anyway, I guess it just spread around the Korean American Christian community throughout the U.S. Joe has always been a gifted musician and great rapper ever since I've known him in high school.

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