Monday, April 7, 2003

SARS Situation in Asia

It's interesting to experience such a time in Asia where the gloom of economic struggle, mixed emotions of the controversial war with Iraq, and the growing danger of North Korea has been outweighed by severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS. Their isn't as much fear or panic in Korea, but speaking with my friends in Hong Kong it has placed a blanket of despair over the whole city. Of course, some friends are simply continuing life as they know it since they say, "If I get it, I get it. If it kills me, it kills me."

This tiny virus which has infected over 2,600 people and already killed a 100 has placed an immediate fear in many people throughout the region. Looking at it from another perspective, this shows how vunerable mankind is within nature's realm or some may say God's hands. This organism, which is invisible and undetectable, is crippling the daily economy and activities of people in some parts of Asia. As men and their machines rumble through the streets of Baghdad and strategies are plotted in the White House over the next steps of communication with North Korea, God really shows how weak and feeble man can be within the universe, and how there are so many mysteries and things that we still don't know about within this world.

I hope this situation will soon be contained. The concern is that a vaccine will take more than a year to be developed. Godspeed.

U.S. Surgeon General Says It Will Take Time to Develop SARS Vaccine

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