Thursday, April 10, 2003

Big Guys... Eating Stories II

Joe and Joong had favorite buffets to go to while in Chicago. One place was this Chinese buffet in Glenview. It was this small, semi-rundown place with excellent food. We would go there and stuff ourselves. I would typically eat 4 or 5 plates stacked and Joe 5 or 6 plates. But Joong was on another level. One time he ate 7 plates, but also with 11 bowls of rice! He asked the waiter for one more, but the owner, this older Chinese woman, came out and started yelling at Joong.

"No more rice for you! Nor more rice for you!"

Joong got the message, so he just finished up and we left. I think he went for a Taco Bell run soon afterwards.

Another time soon after dinner, Joong wanted a snack so he called this place called Gumby's Pizza. He asked if some of us wanted to eat. We could snack a little, so the four of us got a medium pizza while Joong ordered an extra large 20 inch pizza. Gumby's wasn't pan, but it was pretty thick and doughy. Anyway, Joong finished his and starting to eat some of ours. We didn't care because we were still full from dinner.

An amusing but not amazing story was from their roommate, Harold, from their senior year in college. Harold was very thin, an excellent student, and other things that Joe and Joong were not. He was an intellectual powerhouse. I believe he got a 42 on his MCAT, one of the highest GPAs ever in his university, and numerous accolades. Joe and Joong would mock him sometimes and say, "Come on, Harold! Stop being selfish! Just find a cure for AIDS."

Anyway, Harold was wanted to snack and make a sandwich, so he went to the corner store and bought some cold cuts, a large Roman Meal loaf, mayo, and lettuce. He got home and put the stuff on the kitchen table. He went into his room for five minutes and came out. The loaf of bread was gone. Joong was in the living room watching TV and the only other person in the apartment, so he asked, "Joong, did you eat my loaf of bread?"


"That was a large loaf! Were you that hungry?!"


"Then why did you eat it?"

"I was bored."

Poor Harold. Getting his food stolen on top of getting mocked by his two roommates. I also heard that they made him split the grocery bills equally.

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