Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

A popular Facebook chain note has been going around and I finally caved in and wrote my response. I decided to post it here for your amusement and to show that I'm not a completely stale, boring blogger:) Some of it is best understood in the context of my friends since I primarily connect with people I know in Facebook, and I made some edits here for favorable public consumption :)

The rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

To do this, go to "notes" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.

1. Over the past year, when I go to McDonalds alone, I order a BigMac, Filet-O-Fish, and Southern Style Chicken (their new sandwich is magic). No fries. If I'm not that hungry I'll get a cheeseburger instead of the BigMac. When I go with Christine, I order a BigMac and maybe a Filet-O-Fish if the mood is right.

2. During college, my father got into a juice kick and made some pretty horrible drinks with his juicer (e.g. beets, lettuce, celery, and maybe an apple). I came back during a break and my brother warns me to pretend sleeping. Next day at 6am I hear thumping at the door. "Wake up, Bernard!" My dad walks in and hands me a tall glass of liquid that looks like the sick cousin of V8. "Drink it... Drink it now." The nightmare began that lasted a couple years.

3. During my second startup, I lived in Seoul with my parents, who were there seventy percent of the year. My dad forced my brother and I to eat yogurt from Tibetian mushrooms for a few months. Supposedly it helped clean your bowels. Still uncertain of its effects, but it did double my crap output. I took a crap 3-4 times a day. My younger brother, Lenny, took 5-6 craps a day. I believe his sphincter muscles are permanently damaged.

4. My friend Sang and I started two things together at our high school, Glenbrook North: GBN Bible Study and the Boys Volleyball Team. It was also cool several years later to see Lenny (5 years younger) win the IL State Championship for Boys Volleyball for our high school.

5. I had to get my stomach pumped as a toddler. One of my dad's drunk friends gave me a bit of whiskey one evening. I don't believe my mom ever allowed him back in our home.

6. I have a natural high tolerance to alcohol from my dad's side. This was scientifically supported when I got pulled over at a check point in Seoul and blew into a breath analyzer. After five drinks, it registered a .03% (limit in Korea is .05%). I wasn't even buzzed, so I was confident that I would pass.

7. Japanese is my favorite cuisine. I love sushi (toro, maguro, uni, everything!), shisamo (it grosses out Christine, but i can eat dozens of them), teppan style, ramen, soba, etc.

8. I was a Dungeons & Dragon geek as a youth. I was primarily the dungeon master.

9. Christine is my best professional coach and counselor. Extra gravy on top of being my godsend wife and partner.

10. I sometimes hate arguing with Christine because even when she's wrong, she can make her viewpoint sound rational and mine irrational. Drives me crazy!

11. During junior high, one of my friends pushed my younger brother, Lenny off his bike. Lenny was crying, so I was pissed and pushed my friend off his. That event eroded our friendship within the year, but it was worth it.

12. During my late 20s, I discovered I had extra padding on my cheeks that provided additional protection. One time I got sucker punched by a guy who was a solid 225 lbs right on my eye. Bone on bone sound was heard, but no damage, no bruise and just a little pain. If I knew about this before, I would have trained to become an MMA fighter in my early 20s (Where was Henry, a friend that trains special forces Brazilian jiu-jitsu, back then?).

13. During college, I ordered from Domino's Pizza so much that when I called from other locations, they would say, "Moon, what are you doing over there?"

14. After intense workouts, I crave milk. A couple tall glasses, or if it's after playing basketball outside I would buy a bottle of Strawberry Quik and Gatorade. Drink the milk and then the Gatorade. This would gross out a few of my friends.

15. I have an extremely long second toe. Some friends would call it "the finger" because it sort of looks like an index finger. My close friend, Hamon, would call "hand ball!" a few times during high school soccer practice.

16. I was nicknamed "Ralph" separately by two friends during freshman year. One because my wardrobe back then was about half Ralph Lauren. Another (PAhn!) because when I played with Korean Americans I was always stuck as a center but wanted to play small forward like Ralph Sampson. So when I'm at a fast food joint and have to give a name, I sometimes use "Ralph."

17. While living with my parents in Seoul, I got kicked out due to their disapproval of the girl I was dating. My friend, Mike, had an extra room and saved the day, and later corrected my delusional thinking about this woman. This ex is still the ace card for Christine if we argue... negotiating from a weaker position really sucks.

18. I still want to skydive and bungee jump. Hopefully I can make time before 40!

19. While learning to ride a bike, I was knocked unconscious. My father tried a short cut and placed me on an inclined road and let it ride! My brother was given the slow route on flat surfaces when his time came.

20. I was a mediocre hockey player in my youth (started late). During high school tryouts for the JV team, I wasn't looking and collided with someone during a drill. I got up and couldn't remember my name. Then I couldn't remember the day and time. My parents picked me up and I went home, slept almost 24 hours, and was okay.

21. I was addicted to volleyball from my senior year in high school through junior year in college. I loved the sport, but rapidly lost interest after I sprained my ankle during my junior year that kept me out for a few months. I tried a few come backs, but it was never the same. I play once in a while thinking I still have a 35" vertical but really have a 12". Yes, it doesn't look pretty when you're form is based on having a vertical 20" higher... net, net, out, net, out.

22. I sharted once during college when I was trying to let one rip in my buddy's room. My friends Sam and Bob had a good laugh. I had to get new underwear.

23. During freshman year, my mother would call my dorm room every morning for a few weeks to wake me up. I felt really bad for my roommate and friend, Chad, and begged her to stop, which she finally did. Amusing outcome is that Chad can speak a few words of Korean after listening to some of those morning conversations.

24. I miss delis in NYC... the sandwiches, sides and breakfast sandwiches (egg and double bacon on a roll, please). I miss hot dog joints and steakhouses in Chicago. I miss noodle shops in Hong Kong. I miss mandu (dumplings) and gop chang joints in Seoul. I wish those Star Trek teleporters were real.

25. I look forward to getting old with Christine and seeing our daughters grow up. So much more to do and places to visit. I can't wait to travel around the world with our children.

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