Tuesday, November 30, 2004

"A Lesson for the Liberal Elite"... My First Op-Ed Piece

Christine complained that during my free time (outside of us spending time together... lately just shopping) all I do is blog, play basketball, and look at fantasy football & basketball related shows and information. She strongly suggested that I write an op-ed piece for a newspaper, so I took a shot at it this past Saturday afternoon. Pretty cool. First attempt, submission and The Boston Globe took it: "A lesson for the liberal elite."

Actually, my original title was "I, Christian" with respect to Asimov's "I, Robot," which I still like better. Also The Boston Globe editor, who was great, made some minor changes (e.g. original last line: As with Asimov’s “Robbie,” we seem to be misunderstood with multiple myths surrounding our beliefs, motivation, and existence.)

My original tagline was "Bernard Moon is a high-tech entrepreneur and blogger at http://bernardmoon.blogspot.com," but they just put "Bernard Moon is a freelance writer in San Francisco" so my blog didn't get promoted. Crap. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

UPDATE: My op-ed was the most popular story for the day at The Boston Globe's website. Pretty cool.

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