Sunday, July 27, 2003

Wedding Weekend... Big Guys Eating Stories IV

I got into Chicago on Friday for my grade school friend's wedding. It was a great wedding and fun to see old and close friends I grew up with. I'll write more about this later since I don't have much time right now. I just wanted to mentioned some stories and talks I had with the Joe and Joong Bae. These guys are still hilarious. Joe came in from LA and Joong from Atlanta. We talk about life, food, philosophy, food, old stories, and food.

On Friday during the rehearsal dinner, Joe was full from eating but some people came late and asked for a plate of kung pao chicken in front of him. He took the plate, scooped some of the food onto his plate, and passed it on to them. He then replied, "I have fat man's disease. If food is in front of me I have to have at least some of it."

During the dinner, Joe stated some of his random comments:

"There were two times I know I was the heaviest person in the country. When I went to Kenya and Haiti. Kenya is uncertain since I know there are some fat warlords there."

"One time Joong and I had a four hour conversation on who would win in a fight. First it started as a joke and then it turned into a serious discussion. Joong would be like, 'Come on, Joe. Be serious, I would kill you...' We went back and forth on why one person would be able to beat up the other person."

Conversations eventually led to how much food Joong can eat. Joe said one time Joong came over and said he was hungry. He didn't have much food except corn, so Joong ate 8 stalks of corn. I really don't know how much that is, but Joe insists it's a lot of food. I thought about it and one stalk is probably about a can of corn. For me it would just be strange to just sit there and eat 8 cans of corn. Anyway, then Joong and Joe went to a hot dog stand and Joong ate two hot dogs and fries. Then they went to their friend's to eat duk man doo gook (dumpling & rice cake soup) and Joong ate two giant bowls of it (see EATING STORIES III). Joe said this was one of the most amounts of food he saw Joong eat.